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Washing tips for Printed T-shirts

Washing tips for Printed T-shirts

Would you like to enjoy your printed t-shirts for a long time to come? The T-shirts that you have printed at Rapid Silk Screen Printing would also like to keep you so beautiful. Therefore, it is very important to wash the garments with proper care and to follow our washing tips. Therefore, please follow our advice so that you can enjoy your printed T-shirts for as long as possible! All of our printed T-shirts are completely washable and stay colorfast after many washes. The only condition is following our washing tips for Printed T-shirts

New colored T-shirts can contain a lot of dyes. Therefore, garments should be washed several times, one at a time, or with the same-colored garments. After a few washes, these T-shirts can also be washed with normal coloreds. It could also be that on some T-shirts pressure surfaces are, which disappear after a few washes.

Washing instructions of printed garment

To wash printed T-shirts, you must pay attention to the following:

– Wash the garments from the inside out
– Never wash clothes warmer than 104 fahrenheit
– Do not tumble dry
– For shirts with transfer printing, never directly on iron with pressure
– Never use chlorine bleach
– Wash T-shirts with sweat stains immediately to avoid discoloration and stains

Meaning of textile care symbols

On garments can be different symbols. But what significance do these textile care symbols really have?

Care and washing symbols

Below, you will find various washing symbols that are important for proper care in terms of washing.

 Do not wash

Hand wash at 40 ° C

Wash at 30 ° C with wool program (gentle spin)

Wash up to 40 ° C with normal detergent

Wash up to 60 ° C with normal detergent

Wash up to 60 ° C with anti-crease program / low speed fling

Dryer symbols

Below are symbols that are important for the correct way of treating textiles in terms of drying.

washing tips for printed t-shirtsCan at a higher temperature in the dryer

Can at low temperature in the dryer

Laundry to dry on the leash hanging

Not Tumble Dry

Wash only throw, and then hang wet

Chemical cleaning

Below you will find various symbols and their information on the possibilities of professional cleaning.

Chemical cleaningBleaching not allowed

 Bleaching with chlorinated agents allowed

Not chemically cleaned

Can be chemically cleaned

Cleaning with any common solvents (even with gasoline)

Cleaning with perchlorethylene

Cleaning with hydrocarbon solvent

Ironing symbols

Below you will find various symbols and their description about the ironing of textiles.

Ironing symbols Do not iron

Iron at low temperature, maximum 110 ° C (acrylic, nylon, polyester)

Iron at medium temperature, up to 150 ° C (polyester blend, wool)

Iron at high temperature, up to 200 ° C (cotton, Linen, viscose)

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