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Tie Dyeing 5 Ways – Spiral Dyed T-Shirt

Tie Dyeing 5 Ways – Spiral Dyed T-Shirt

Here is the last installment of Tie Dyeing 5 Ways and it is a bit of a classic. We used the method for a Spiral Rainbow Tie Dye but only used two colours Scarlet Red and Bright Royal.

  • Took a dry plain white T-shirt and placed a fork where we wanted the centre of the spiral to be. Then started twisting (as if putting spaghetti on the fork).
  • When all the edges were in the spiral. We took some elastic bands to secure the twist.
  • Then we a solution made from 2 liters of water and 2 tablespoons of Soda Ash and left the T-shirt to soak for 15 minutes.
Two Dye solutions:
  • We made up two Dye solutions. One bottle of Bright Royal and one bottle of Scarlet Red. Each bottle had 200mls of warm water and 1 teaspoon of Procion MX dye. First we squirted just over half the circle with Bright Royal (turning over the T-shirt to make sure we covered both sides), then we squirted just over half the T-shirt with Scarlet Red. We wanted the colours to overlap and blend.
  • We wrapped the T-shirt in clingfilm and left for 24 hours for the dye to fix well. (You need to leave for at least 2 hours, but the longer the better).
  • After 24 hours we remove the T-shirt from the clingfilm and rinsed (whilst still in elastic bands) under cold running water, until the water ran clear. Then we undid the T-shirt and rinsed again, until the water ran clear.
  • After the water runs clear you can wash the T-shirts in a washing machine. We would recommend using Colsperse on a 60′c wash. Colsperse will remove the any remaining excess dye. (If you don’t have any Colsperse you can use a non-biological washing powder/liquid).
  • The finished T-shirt!

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