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Embroidered polo shirts

Looking for something more than shirts? Here we present some of our best options, Embroidered Polo Shirts. The embroidery is one of the alternatives to screen printing and digital printing techniques used in Rapid Silk Screen Printing. It is one of the oldest arts that exist as far as the world of sewing is concerned. Basically, it is the decoration of a garment or textile by means of threads. embroidered polo shirts

embroidered polo shirts
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When you decide to embroidered polo shirts, you are creating something more than a simple garment that someone is going to wear. You are creating a corporate identity with which you will recognize your company. You are going to send a very specific message to your customers showing your image. Let’s say polo is a top product, a polyvalent product suitable for all occasions, whether for sports, office or workwear. For women, men and children. Custom polos create set identity, making them ideal for custom uniforms. In Rapid Silk Screen Printing we recommend embroidered polo shirts that convey more professionalism to the customer. Apart from that it is much more durable than any other technique.

History of Embroiedry

The ancient Romans already called this technique plumarium opus, due to the similarity of the activity with the feathers of birds. Throughout history different cultures and generations have made use of embroidery. However today, especially in the world of advertising and marketing,  embroidered polo shirts are one of best advertising means.

Custom embroidered polos are different from other shirts in that they have a special fabric and a collar. In USA we know it by this name although in other countries it acquires other different denominations. For example, in Argentina people call it chomba, in Uruguay t-shirt, in Venezuela chemise, and in the Dominican Republic poloché among many other existing denominations that vary according to the geographical situation.

You can also choose the option to use the poles as an advertising tool, selecting a cheaper pole and personalize them with vinyl, silk screen printing and even digital printing, the perfect promotional gift!

Embroidered polo shirts – promotional items

Embroidered polo shirts are widely used as promotional items, either in events, as in any other type of activity. There are many professions that also use this garment as a work uniform.  This is why embroidery is almost always used, although a polo can also be stamped by cutting.

From our customer service team we will always provide personalized attention and the best advice. We have professionals who perform their work in a creative and innovative way. We are always willing to advise our customers about what is the best technique when making a stamping on textile garments.

Some of our premises are innovation and creativity, and they are always present from the first contact with our consumers.

Be surprised by our extensive catalog of ready to customize polo shirts !

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