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Four Most Popular Custom Tote Bags

Paper bag printing

More Screen Printed Tote Bags Below:

Totes and Bags

Your brand will go here, there, and everywhere with Promotional Totes and Bags! 
Custom Reusable Shopping Bags are a great Eco-friendly alternative to flimsy single-use plastic bags, and we print on desirable natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and jute. Carrying luggage, lunch, school supplies, or sports equipment? RSSP also customizes travel bagsbackpacksdrawstring bagscooler bagslunch bagspaper bagssport bagsduffel bags, and more.

We customize below bags and more:

Boat_bag printing
Book Bags printing
Boat_bag printing
Craft tote bag Screen Printing
Printing on Eco friendly bags

Design Your Own Custom Tote Bags!

Custom tote bags are a great way to spread your message around Los Angeles. At RSSP we’ll screen print your design on eco-friendly tote bags and we’ll make it simple. At RSSP Los Angeles we have years of printing experience (and we offer a 100% Guarantee!).

Tote Bags printing

We’ll Print Your Design on Tote Bags for Corporate gifts, Festivals and Events.

In the past few years we have been going through an environmental revolution. Recently, the custom tote bag has become a popular marketing tool for environmentally aware grocers and companies.

Just as custom printed t-shirts and buttons have worked to advertise a product or business. They are like small billboards of your message being carried through busy metropolitan areas! Creating a number of custom tote bags that you can sell or give out to promote your product or business is also cheaper than you may think.

ecoBags screem printing

A number of online retailers are now printing and manufacturing custom tote bags. This is great news as these bags are an environmentally sustainable way to carry groceries or transport goods when people are out shopping.

plastic_bag silk screen printing

Tote Bag Printing

Printing a custom logo on a tote bag is a unique advertising opportunity. We are getting to a point where people want and need tote bags to carry their groceries, documents and cargo. It is possible to print your company logo or an advertisement on these bags, through silk screening and have your logo displayed whenever someone is seen carrying your bag.  A tote bag could have the same impact as a bus advertisement or t-shirt campaign. As people will only continue to use this great product, allowing you an ongoing advertisement which can be viewed over and over again.


RSSP is able to produce a number of different tote designs to match whatever vision you may have in mind for your tote bag. We can provide you with many colours, materials and styles for your tote bag campaign. Getting a custom tote bag can be as simple as getting a quote and purchasing them online.

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